Montreal Signs Project

An ongoing research project dedicated to the exploration of signage in the city of Montréal, through memories, archives, and rescued or donated signs.


About the Montreal Signs Project


The Montréal Signs Project is a growing collection of some of the city’s most memorable commercial signs. Many of these rescued or donated signs are on display in the CJ Building on Concordia’s Loyola campus. The result of several years of detective work, tip-offs or sheer good luck, the collection offers insights into different strands of Montréal’s cultural and commercial heritage: post-war histories of immigration and settlement; changing technologies of signmaking; the shifting boundaries of neighbourhoods. They are not a representative sample of signs in Montréal, but a reflection of just some of the local enterprises that have seen significant changes, or have been lost entirely, in recent years.

about_CRW_0672-2The Montréal Signs Project was conceived by Matt Soar (Associate Professor of Communication Studies, Concordia University) in collaboration with Nancy Marrelli (Archivist Emerita, Concordia University Archives). The MSP would not have been possible without the support of the SSHRC (for Logo Cities) and a development grant from the Office of the Vice-President Research & Graduate Studies. Thanks also to: Dr. Peter Morden (Associate Dean, Academic Facilities, Faculty of Arts & Science); Dr. Justin Powlowski (Interim Director, Office of Research); Dr. Graham Carr (VP, Research/Graduate Studies), Dr. Carole Brabant (ex-Director of Research/Innovation); Dr. Cynthia Hammond (Art History); Ms. Francine Levi (Principal Director of Development, Arts & Science); Mr. Derek Linetsky (Development Officer, Arts & Science); the many Communication Studies students who have helped out along the way, especially Steve Smith; Alison Naturale for recent website design improvements; and, Cate Cadbury for her efficient translation work. Last but not least, a huge thank you to Mr. Bill Kovacevic of Pattison Signs for his enthusiastic support of the entire project.

The Montréal Signs Project is a legacy of Logo Cities, a research/creation initiative begun in 2004 by Matt Soar. From the outset, Logo Cities was conceived as a transmedial critique of hypercommercialism in the urban environment, focusing on signs and public lettering. A major outcome is the database documentary Almost Architecture. Logo Cities culminated in an eponymous symposium and gallery show held at Concordia in May 2007. A selection of papers from this event appear in a recent special issue of the journal Design & Culture, edited by Soar. See also the Farine Five Roses Art Project.



A project of this kind must also address the highly localized politics of commerce and culture, within which the signs marking out particular stores, restaurants or municipal buildings can become potent markers of identity, memory and belonging based on one’s daily work routines and leisure activities. Montréal, like most other cities, is in a constant state of flux: evolving bylaws and planning regulations; the shifting identities and socioeconomic fortunes of individual neighbourhoods; the coming and going of specific stores, cafés, restaurants, cinemas, and clubs, be it renovation or reinvention. All these changes are sooner or later signaled through the appearance or removal of signage.

Inevitably, then, an unexpected but no less valid outcome of Logo Cities has been Soar’s own modest interventions in terms of salvaging particular signs which were — or are still — under threat of removal and destruction. From the Farine Five Roses sign (the future of which is far from certain) to the seven signs on display from the current collection, the emphasis has been on trying to save valuable pieces of our material culture: the industrial, commercial, and civic detritus that, due to neglect or apathy, would otherwise be lost forever.

Stay tuned for more digital archives of Montreal signmakers, histories of specific Montreal signs, and media projects from the MSP team. Coming soon!


plus bylaws_featured

Signs and the Law


Notes tracking changes in Montréal’s bylaws as they pertain to signage (1890–2001).

plus audio_featured

Audio Sign Stories


A collection of audio stories about signs, contributed by the public.

plus logocities_symp_featured

Logo Cities Symposium


An international symposium on signage, branding, and lettering in public space.

plus logocities_interact2_featured

Logo Cities: Montréal


An interactive tour of Montreal’s skyline.

plus farine_featured

Farine Five Roses


A public collaboration focused on this famous landmark.

plus citystars_featured

City Stars


A comic by Grant Collins.

plus almostarch_featured

Almost Architecture


A short interactive film about high-rise signs in Montréal.

plus index_featured

Index Card Collection


Collection of the city of Montreal’s records of public signage.

plus stanway_featured

Arthur Stanway Collection


Collection of archival photos from Arthur Stanway, Montreal sign painter.

plus kovacevic_featured

Bill Kovacevic Collection


Collection of archival photos and drawings from signmaker Bill Kovacevic.

plus mhotdog_featured

Monsieur Hotdog


Sherbrooke St W. and Monkland Ave

plus bens_featured

Bens Restaurant


990 De Maisonneuve Blvd. West


On Thursday 12th December, Le Devoir ran a story about the Farine Five Roses sign which, over the past few years, has been quietly fixed up by ADM and Smuckers. Matt was briefly quoted in the article. This was followed on Friday by a segment on CBC TV News, featuring interviews with Dinu Bumbaru of Heritage Montreal and Matt. (The website about the Farine Five Roses sign featured in the segment is also one of Matt’s projects.)


Matt Soar, MSP Director (514) 848‑2424 ext. 2542 email hidden; JavaScript is required

We are always interested in talking with anyone who has ‘sign stories’ to offer; signs they would like to tell us about or to donate; updates or corrections to the information on the site; and anyone (especially alums!) who is interested in supporting the Project.

To give online, please visit this address. When you reach the ‘Gift Information’ section, in the ‘OR direct my gift to a specific scholarship/fund’ field, enter ‘Montreal Signs Project Fund’.

You can also give over the phone at 514–848-2424 x3884, or by writing a cheque to Concordia University, and mailing it to the address below. (Be sure to specify the ‘Montreal Signs Project Fund’.)

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