A public collaboration focused on this famous landmark

The Farine Five Roses project was launched by Matt Soar in 2009 as a way to encourage discussion about, and reflection on, the Farine Five Roses sign in Montréal. Love it or hate it, it’s been with us since 1948. And its days are numbered. This site outlines a brief history of the sign, and showcases drawings, photos, and a short film which deals with its presence in public memory.

This project is partly supported by a grant from the office of the Vice President, Research & Graduate Studies, Concordia University. It began with Matt’s research/creation project Logo Cities in 2004. An earlier version of some of the work appearing here was created via the shortlived Save Farine Five Roses blog, which he set up without too much forethought when the sign seemed to be in imminent danger of demolition.

  • Collaborators to date include: AJ Korkidakis (photography); Katja Philipp (magnet kits); the students of COMS274 F08 and W09 (drawings from memory on stickies)